Breaking Barriers to Biking presented by MEC

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Marvin Macaraig & Scarborough Cycles

A man stands beside a bike in front of building with a sign that says "Scarborough Cycles"
Marvin Macaraig of Scarborough Cycles

Marvin is an everyday rider commuting by bike to Scarborough Cycles. The organization’s main goal is to break down barriers to biking while striving to be the leader in suburban cycling issues. Find out more about Marvin and Scarborough Cycles.


Kat Wehrle

A woman rides a bike in a bike lane past planters.
Kat Wehrle rides her bike on Danforth Avenue

Kat is the type of person that looks at life’s challenges and thinks “I’m going to fight through this and I’ll be better for it.” Many times in her life Kat was presented with situations that could have put her off biking for good, but she has grown into a four-season rider. Read Kat's story.

Armi De Francia & Transportation Equity Toronto

A sharply dressed woman with a purse stands beside a bike in front of metallic sculptures.
Armi De Francia, the founder of Transportation Equity Toronto

Armi has been working toward realizing a world where everyone can move about their city in a way that fits their needs, a journey that led her to founding Transportation Equity Toronto. Find out more about Armi's journey.

Christopher McGarrell & ManDemCC

A man stands in front of a pillar with a mural on it that says "Corktown" in stylistic letters.
Christopher McGarrell, the founder of ManDem Cycling Club

ManDemCC may have started as a running joke that Christopher had with friends this summer, but their fun and inclusive group rides are breaking down barriers to riding a bike. Find out how.